About htmlUI

What is htmlUI? Put simply:

  • It's a playground
    for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and modern, standards-based dev experiments.
  • It's a living example
    of modern web dev techniques in action.
  • It's pure HTML
    compiled with DocPad and deployed as nothing more than static HTML.
  • It's fun!
    because HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are fun, too.
  • It's evolving
    regularly. I won't say daily, but definitely often, just like the web.
  • It's realtime
    with updates direct from @htmlUI on Twitter
  • It's built with some cool tools
    primarily on a Mac, including NodeJS, DocPad, Markdown, LESS, TextWrangler, and DropBox

Questions? Feedback? You can email me directly at toddanglin+htmlui@gmail.com