(Not?) Another HTML5 Resource Site

Welcome to the re-boot of htmlUI.com, my personal playground and proving ground for so-called "HTML5" techniques. htmlUI is built using many new HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript goodies on the front-end, while employing some interesting new tools for modern, standards-based web development on the backend, like LESS, DocPad, CoffeeScript, NodeJS, among others.

Another HTML5 site?

Yes. Another HTML5 site, but not an echo chamber. I value original ideas, and I aim to deliver that through this blog and the demos featured on htmlUI.

What's the angle?

While HTML5 (and the related) are fun, the "real world" usually won't let us instantly ignore all non-HTML5 browsers. htmlUI will highlight techniques that help modern web developers push the envelope while not leaving most (some?) older browsers out to dry.

Including IE6?

Sometimes. But I make fewer promises for that old dog. Some techniques highlighted on htmlUI will make concessions to play-nice with our standards nemisis, but at other times IE6 will be left for dead (where it generally belongs).

htmlUI on Twitter

htmlUI is as much about providing regular, useful updates on Twitter as it is providing this more "traditional" resource site. For quick links to cool HTML5 techniques, demos, or articles, @htmlUI on Twitter should be one thing you follow.

I don't like Twitter.

No problem. The htmlUI.com homepage features a few of the latest useful updates from @htmlUI, so if you avoid Twitter like that chatty cousin at a family reunion, just visit this site's homepage for regular updates.

What comes next?

What exists today is just a start. This is a living, evolving experimental site. Through the demos, articles, and information shared on htmlUI, you'll learn from my experience using and deploying HTML5 so you can more quickly master it on your own.

Todd Anglin

About the Author
Todd Anglin is an active speaker and author on HTML5 and web development technologies, speaking at conferences around the globe. He has a background in professional graphic design as well as professional software development. He melds his passions for design and development to currate htmlUI. During the day, Todd serves as Chief Evangelist for Telerik, an agile international software company that builds tools for software developers and development teams, including Kendo UI for HTML5 developers.

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