Presentations on HTML5 and CSS3

During the past week, I travelled and spoke at the DevLink conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was my frist visit to Chattanooga, and I was surprised to find a bustling, growing city, trying to be very proactive adopting and cultivating techology. In fact, one city developer described Chattanooga to me as the "Portland of the South." Interesting claim (being myself from the West Coast), but after a week, I can see hints of what he was advertising.

Conference Presentations & Slides

More importantly for this blog post, I spent a lot of time during the week doing presentations on HTML5, CSS3, and RESTful web services. Specifically, here are the talks I did:

  • Building RESTful Data Services with OData
  • The Rich Standard: Getting Familiar with HTML5
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Techniques You Can Adopt Today
  • Doing More with LESS for CSS

All of the talks were really well attended, so a big thanks to everyone for visiting the sessions and sharing such positive feedback!

You can find the slides for all of these talks on SlideShare. And you can find many of the HTML5 demos right here on htmlUI.

Next Stops

I'm a frequent speaker and presenter at conferences around the world, so I'll be doing many more HTML5 & CSS3 talks as the year winds on. I'd love to meet you at an upcoming conference! Here are some of the shows I'll be doing:

What Do YOU Want to Learn?

Presentations are fun, especially when the topics are built around things you really want to learn about. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and related technologies provide a huge surface area for learning, so what do you most most want to learn more about? Let me know by sending a tweet to @htmlui and maybe I'll make it the subject of one of my next presentations! If I pick your idea, I'll be sure to feature your Twitter handle in the session introduction.


Todd Anglin

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Todd Anglin is an active speaker and author on HTML5 and web development technologies, speaking at conferences around the globe. He has a background in professional graphic design as well as professional software development. He melds his passions for design and development to currate htmlUI. During the day, Todd serves as Chief Evangelist for Telerik, an agile international software company that builds tools for software developers and development teams, including Kendo UI for HTML5 developers.

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